The Indigenous Games & Sports Of Yimkhiungru Tribe



This sport is played during winter season generally after harvest. This game is played by men-folk only. The competition is held between two team/ group. Turn by turn each player will spin their topspin and the rival hits with their topspin while it is spinning.

It is made of hard wood and the size is three to four inches height. It is round shape at both ends protruding with the middle portion wide. A small line is cut near the top so as to hold the cotton rope for spinning.

Each individual will hit the topspin of their rival topspin by throwing the topspin at their opponent topspin while it is spinning on the ground.

By hitting the topspin of the opponent, if it could stop the opponent’s topspin from spinning, one is declared the winner. But in case, the attempt fails, it indicates defeat. In this way all participants are given chance. And the winner will go to second round and after that points are calculated and the team which gets maximum points is declared the winner.

This game is very popular and is being watched by the onlookers with great interest.



The sport is only played by the men folk. The participants are drawn from different age groups. The running race is to test the endurance, stamina and agility of men folk. However, there may be prizes for the winner or may not be as decided by the jury.



This game is also played by the men folk. Here in this game, the game is competed individually unlike other games. The winning goes to an individual and the winner is held in high esteem by fellow friends.    



This sport is widely participated by the men folk. The competitors will bend their legs at the defined line and jump as far as they can. The game is keenly watched by the on lookers with great enthusiasm.



The sport is played by selected players from different khels in the village. A particular target is set/placed on a wooden post and the participant should hit the target with spear. The person who hit the center of the mark/target is adjudged the winner. Another way of competition is to throw the spear as far as one can. The one throwing the farthest is declared the winner; who wins dried corns as prize trophy.



This sport was once very popular among the Yimkhiung people. The wrestler/s is selected from each khel according to their age group.

On the day of wrestling competition, most of the people remain in the village to watch and enjoy the game. Any competitor falling down on the ground or is pinned down is eliminated from the competition.

The wrestlers consume lot of meat and best diet for days together to gain more energy. The game is held to find out the mightiest person in the village. Surprisingly, no prize is awarded to the winner. But he brings pride and honour to parents and the khel.



This game is played by the competitors in a group.

Players are allowed to kick anywhere on the body except groan and stomach of the opponent. Whoever falls down to the ground while kicking, he has to come out from the mark parameter- (eliminated).

The winner will go to the one who kicks down opponent as per prescribed rules and regulations.



This sport is different from others. Irrespective of age and gender, every willing person takes part in this sport which is mainly for fun and frolic.

There is no prize in this sport. Each participant holds others hands and will go round singing a folk song called ‘YINCHI LIK KU THOMüNAK Bü’


  • O-SHILIE:-

This sport is a peculiar one in which each player has to compete with care,  otherwise it may cause physical injuries. The competitors consist of not more than six or seven persons from each team.The competitors try to extinguish fires from each other hands with a dry cotton cloth.


  • E-QUING:- 

This sport is also participated by all age group.

It is led by one person who crawls on the ground and the rest will follow him from the back, holding the cloth which is tied to the back.

The front group will then sing ‘E-OUING, E-QUING, E-OUING’, and the rear group will respond ‘Ho-Ho-Ho’. There is no prize for this game. The game is played for fun and merry making only.



The strongest people from each khel are drawn for this game. It is one of the most thrilling and exciting game which is cheered and applauded by the crowds wildly.

However, no prize is given to the winner.This game is also for fun and merry making only.

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