Public Forum Pungro Sub-Division is a Govt. Registered (Regd. No. H/rs-6334/2012) apex organization established in 1990 with its HQ at Pungro Town:  Kiphire Distrci: Nagaland. The Jurisdiction extends to all towns/villages within Pungro Sub-Division, with “Forward in Unity” as its motto.

The first edition of the Constitution of the Public Forum of Pungro Sub-Division (PFPS) was brought about initially by a resolution passed by the General Meeting held at Pungro Town on the 29th June 2010 under the Presidentship of Shri S. Kiusümew Yimkhiung.

PFPS also completed 25 years of its prolific existence and celebrated Silver Jubilee on 23-24 April 2015 at Mimi village.


  • To promote unity and understanding among the members of the village.

  • To promote the welfare and upliftmen of the people.

  • To secure the education and public assistance thereof. 

(i) To encourage social and cultural values and bring harmony among members of the        different villages.

(ii)  a) For peace, tranquility and ensuring security

      (b) Maintain just and honourable relations among every member and also with other

      (c) To encourage settlement of dispute by mutual understanding

  • iii. To safeguard the rights and privileges of the people.

  • iv. To do all such acts as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objectives of the organization.

OFFICE BEARERS 2015 – 2020:

In the interest of public in general and approval from the Governing body, the following were appointed bearers of the PFPS office WEF 13/10/2015:

Sl noNameVillageDesignationCell phone no
01S. KiusümewMoyaPresident9612893014
04KhiutsithungPungroGeneral Secretary8732849354
05AchimpungMimiJoint Secretary
06KurakmungSalomiJoint Secretary
07MüjugmungSalomiFinance Secretary
08AlensoZangerCorrespondent Secretary
09LungsoLuthurKey Holder
10Yinchuthung EmmanuelVongvaTreasurer


Sl noNameVillageDesignationCell phone no
01Tsepenkiu. ISalomiExecutive Chairman
02Yasangwu. KMimiExecutive Secretary
03Rethrungmung. RSalomiMember
04Chiesümew. PPhuvkiuMember
05Kihoto. RLongtsongerMember
06Thsantsümong. HThanamirMember
07President Pungro Unit YBAMember
08President PACSUMember
09VCC of very villageMember