Yimkhiung Baptist Borü Amükhungdo (YBBA)

Brief History of YBBA:

Our Church history records that the gospel of Jesus Christ was propagated first from Sema (Sümi) Association. It was during the time of Dr. Anderson missionary stationed at Aizüto, Mr. Lhovikhü evangelist came preaching at Huker village  and on 15th of March 1947 Mr. Pungji and Mr. Rikiumung  were baptized as first Christians among the Yimkhiung Naga tribe. Following this the second gospel team came from Ao area called “Pastors gospel team,” on 21st April 1950 to Thsotokur village and preached about the kingdom of God; the team was led by the pastor of Longmisa village. Listening to their messages Mr. Yankiuba, Mr. Bümbakiu, Mr. Yansomung, Mr. Kiuthro, Mr. Ngangkiu, and Mr. R. Shophu were converted.

Meantime, as there was no mission centre, Rev. Imtiluin looked after this area stationed at Tuensang till 1958. And a year after, Rev.G. Kihoto was sent from Sema Association as an evangelist in 1959 and attended the formation of Association at Kiussor village on 13th to 15th November 1959. And after the formation of the Association Rev. Onenlepten Ao came as first Field Supervisor in 1960.


We believe in-


  1. The Holy Bible, the sixty six books, as uniquely inspired Word of God, the infallible, sufficient and authoritative rule of Faith and practice.

  2. One God, in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  • The deity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, His Virgin birth, His Sinless life, His atonement through His blood, His Vicarious death and bodily resurrection, His ascension, His personal return in power and glory.

  1. The Spiritual Unity of all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ who comprise the Church, the body of Christ.


The purpose  for which the Association has been established is to unite all Baptist Christians and Churches for furtherance of God’s kingdom, spiritual development and integral growth of her members. And to:


  • Maintain and uphold the spirit of oneness in Jesus Christ and practice and preserve Baptist Heritage.

  • Promote Baptist faith values in love, peace, harmony, equality and justice.

  • Strengthen the Baptist Christians through social gathering, seminars, trainings etc.

  • Mobilize Churches for missionary enterprise.

  • Facilitate and strengthen general health care and family welfare by undertaking need based promotional development programs.

  • Have networking with the Churches, other Associations, NBCC, CBCNEI etc. for consultation and peaceful environment.

  • Promote holistic development activities such as spiritual awakening, children education programs, economic improvement and Social awareness.

  • Resolve conflict between villages, church and electioneering politics, Inter-tribal feuds for true Christian Citizenship.

  • Organize health camps, awareness on HIV/AIDS and Drug abuse and its prevention,

  • Promote SHGs in every Village to enhance self-reliance projects.

  • Educate on maintenance of hygiene/sanitation and environmental care.

  • Encourage modern technique of farming and to have market linkage.

  • Create opportunity for youth and Women empowerment through vocational training and seminars.

  • Engage towards welfare of Old age, Orphanage, disabled and homeless ones.

  • Mobilize projects for livestock, mini industries for income generating sources.

  • Promote livelihood projects in coordination with reliable funding agencies.




  1. Affiliated Churches: 96

  2. Fellowships: 17

  3. Ordained Minister : 13

  4. Ministerial License holder: 26



YBBA Staff: (present)

  1. Dr S J Akhüm, Executive Secretary. Ph. No. 

  2. Mr. Juno Chuba, Finance and Development Secretary                     

  3. Mr. Khalenmew,  Church and Mission Secretary         

  4. Mr. Thrünkiumung, Literature and Education Secretary                   

  5. Mr. Hanjikhiung, Director RRDA     

  6. Mr. Lakiumung, Youth Secretary

  7. Dr. Toshila, Women Secretary

  8. Ms. Tsükhümla, Christian Education Promoter                     

  9. Mr. Tsüyihba, Church and Mission Promoter                        

  10. Ms. Sotsüla Yim, Accountant cum Office Assistant



YBBA Mission Centre

Shamator – 798612

District – Tuensang

Nagaland, India.

Email : ybba1959@gmail.com

Contact : +91- 9862559816.