Natural Resources


  1. Many important rivers such as the Zungki (Thurak ke): Kewuh ke: Langa Ke: Yai-e ke flows through the heart of Yimkhiungru land. The rivers provides aquatic creatures such as fishes, frogs, crabs and other river creatures for food. It also benefits the people for irrigation. Two important hydro projects have come up. The Likimro Hydro project and the Huhrongke hydro project.
  2. The Yimkhiungru land is replete with varieties of flora and fauna. Many medicinal plants are available, Rare species of orchids and plants have been discovered. The land boasts of varieties of wild life that provides food for people and also maintains Ecological balance.
  3. Many species of trees grow that provides timber for multipurpose requirement. Bamboos are in plenty for people to engage themselves in small scale industry like handicraft, weaving, house construction and bamboo craft items for souvenir and articles for daily use and artifacts.
  4. Varieties of rocks are available throughout the land. Mimi and Bokphur areas boast of rich deposits of Chromium, Nickel, cobalt, magnetite rocks, lime stones, bauxite, iron ore, steel, and marble stones. Of late, Scientists and Geologist have indicated the presence of diamonds in these areas.