Topography / Geography

* The Yimgkhiungru tribe occupies the Eastern Nagaland since time immemorial. Ostensibly, the people is said to have migrated from South East Asia. Nothing is known beyond that as no written history or script exist to adduce it. The exact migratory route is also not established. Whatever may be the history with regard to migration, but today many of the blood brothers of the tribe reside in the Western region of Burma or Myanmar. Majority of the tribe settled down in the present Yimkhiungru land. Due to expanding population and search for new pastures, some  of Yimkhiungrus have established villages and now settled in Dimapur area in western Nagaland. They are known as the western Yimkhiungrus. Hence, the diaspora of the Yimkhiungrus is evident in eastern Myanmar and Dimapur areas in addition to the mainland Yimkhiungrus. In the mainland – in the eastern areas, the Yimkhiungrus are surrounded by the following Naga tribes geographically:

  1. East:- The Burmese
  2. North east: The Konyaks and the Kheamniungans
  3. North West: The Changs and the Western Sangtams
  4. West: The Sumis
  5. South West: The Eastern Sangtams
  6. South: The Pochury tribe.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  *  Topographically, the land of the Yimkhiungrus comprise of rolling hills, mountains, creeks, rivers, valleys and bit of plateau. Forest and dense jungles cover the entire land.  The land boast of abundant flora and fauna. The land is also filled and gifted with rich deposits of various minerals that are yet to be exploited fully. The Yimkhiungrus are truly the proud owner of Mount Saramati which is the highest peak in the state of Nagaland. The Mount Saramati majestically stands in the eastern most part of the Yimkhiungru land. The co-ordinates of Mt Saramati in  consonance with the google Wikipedia are: elevation; 3,826 meters or 12,552 ft. GPS location: 25 degree 44 ft 24 inches North and 95 degrees 2 ft 15 inches east- lying in Thanamir village jurisdiction. The famous Tragopan bird that is found only in Nagaland in the world is found in abundance in Saramati area.                                                                                                                                                                                                        *  The whole land area  of the tribe is rain-forest with summers very humid, wet and rainy through out. Winter is quite harsh with mist, fog and cold air that sweeps through out winter season – October to March. To be precise, the climate  is quite favourable and temperate. Major rivers like the Zungki, Yayi, Ke- wuh, Huhrung ke, Langa ke, and Likimro ke flows through out the year. Pungro area boast of having quite a number of natural caves, water falls. To surmise, the Yimkhiungru land is simply a magnificent – God gifted land with beautiful and picturesque  landscapes- land flowing with all abundance in every aspect for people. While exploring the land of the Yimkhiungrus, one may find serendipitous surprises.