YIMKHIUNG WOMEN ORGANIZATION

                                                                                                                             SHAMATOR: NAGALAND


Motto:-  ” Towards a New vision

                                                                                                                         e-mail: ywo@gmail.com        

                 The genesis of the YWO could be traced back to the early 1990s. Somewhere in 1993, some zealous womenfolk felt the need and thereby initiated to form an organization called the Yimkhiung Mother’s Organization (YMO). It had its headquarters at Shamator Town. It was purely formed to look after the welfare and interest of the women and children. The following women are the pioneers who were instrumental in forming the organization which later on became a bigger, stronger and  recognized force. 1)   Mrs    (2) Mrs       (3) Mrs         (4) Mrs     (5)   Mrs      (6) Mrs      (7) Mrs       (8) Mrs        (9) Mrs        (10) Mrs     The formers or the pioneers took all responsibility for many years to execute its aims and objects. The organization began to participate in all the events and meetings organized by the govt and the Tribal bodies. The voice  of the YMO began having effect upon the tribal bodies and the govt. Their efforts began to have denting effects on the social discrimination and place of women in the  society. They raised their voices against the inequality of women in the society and to facilitate the rights of women as per the concept of Equality and Emancipation as enshrined by the UNO & Indian constitution. Most of all, as Christians, to practice the teachings in letter and spirit as mandated in the Holy Bible. The organization started to voice against various crimes and evil acts against women and children  They wholeheartedly supported the Drug and Liquor Acts and to do away with sell and consumption of various drugs and liquor that is destroying the good fabric of society and family. They focused on the importance of education of girl and male child and young ones who are the future who would shoulder all responsibility. The shape and events of future would lie on them.

                 The YMO later rechristened its name to the Yimkhiung Women organization (YWO) as it is till todate. Educated and abled women began taking over the roles in the YWO that made the organization a force to be reckoned with. Today, it has its name and presence in the halls of the State Govt. Departments, various Naga organizations and in the Eastern Nagaland organizations. It actively participates and makes its presence felt in all realms and arena whereever it attends any meetings. It has its steering voice in the matters of political, social, govt and at all levels where the YWO thinks it necessary to intervene.

                 The following are the aims and objects:

  1. To present the voice of the Yimkhiung women for welfare and equality
  2. To Emancipate Yimkhiung women from inequality, poverty, inheritance and as objects.
  3. To strive for education of girl child, jobs in the govt and private sectors
  4. To fight for right to food, dress, freedom from bondage
  5. To fight for the right to live and right to life
  6. To fight for right to medical facilities and leadership in various social organizations.
  7. To fight for right to  voice and leadership in villages, towns etc.
  8. To fight against menace of drugs and liquors in the society
  9. To fight against all forms of crimes  against women and children.
  10. To see that women are treated with dignity and humanely.
  11. Extend all possible help to various social organizations in fighting for right and privileges.
  12. To protect and preserve Yimkhiung culture, customs, practices
  13. To preserve and promote the rich art/crafts/embroidery/dresses/jewelry etc of the Yimkhiungrüs with special emphasis to women in particular.
  14. Any Other that is necessary and required by the YWO to fight for.

The following are the present office bearers of the YWO.

  1. Mrs  Y. Shojila Richard                President   
  2. Mrs Kaisa Akiuba                          Vice President YWO  town
  3. Mrs Supanla                                    Vice President YWO  town
  4. Mrs Lendila                                     Vice President YWO  town
  5. Mrs Ayimla Ester                          General Secretary  Kohima
  6. Mrs Athrungla Thrungjimung  Jt Secretary
  7. Mrs Yanjila                                      Jt Secretary 
  8. Mrs Asangla Kurakmung           Finance Secretary
  9. Mrs Ester M                                    Arts & Culture Secy
  10. Mrs Kamjila Asoba                      Press and info Secy
  11. Mrs Lelim                                         Statistical Secretary
  12. Mrs Yantsüla Toji                         Treasurer
  13. Mrs Bahla Kheanji                       Executive Chairperson
  14. Mrs
  15. Mrs