The following are names of  various locations/places where the Yimkhiungrus settled  in transition from East to West.

(In random order without any precedence)

  1. Chiru
  2. Longyang
  3. Thunyim kiulung
  4. Mihpuk pung
  5. Tuphung
  6. Thsunkioso
  7. Kemiphu
  8. Tukhean
  9. Yingphu
  10. Yimkhiung Awun
  11. Langa
  12. Kiso
  13. Muntun
  14. Tangmeang Wungdo
  15. Thsurungdo

Serial number 15 is now administrative HQ. (EAC) post. People still reside in serial number 6 & 10.  Sl no 11 (Langa); some residents from Kuthur village have tried to re-establish this ancient village by migrating  to the location. Some households have come up as on this day.  Sl no 13 (Muntun); This another ancient location once abandoned have now been revived by the Yimchunger Tribal Council recently. Mini Horn Bill festival of the Yimchungers was celebrated here under the aegis of the State Govt. It has now become the revived heritage for various festivals and other important occasions. The rest locations are abandoned without human habitation. Those places/locations are historical relics/sites of the Yimkhiungru tribe for all times to come.

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